Why VPN?

Protection From Identity Theft

Nobody will be able to use your name and personal data for fraud or in order to destroy your reputation in the internet anymore because it will no longer be possible to access, read and store your internet communication if you use our service to access the internet safely.

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Protection From Surveillance

Since Edward Snowden reveiled to the world how intelligence agencies such as the NSA spy on us, it is obvious that you have to protect yourself against such action. Your government will not provide protection! Even if you are not a criminal or have "nothing to hide" you can still be a target of surveillance if you have the same name or know someone that does.

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Protection Of Personal Information And Data

The internet doesn't forget. Every single bit of information your internet devices are sending or receiving is logged, stored and analyzed. Google has the ability to determine every single internet user terrifyingly closely.
You don't believe it?
See for yourself: http://www.google.com/ads/preferences (Will open in a new window)

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Bypassing Censorship And Restrictions

Not everyone is lucky enough to live at a place with freedom of speech and the possibility to discuss opinions with each other. Even those who are, are beeing blocked from certain internet contents.

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Use Of Restricted Content

If you are, for example, a US citizen living in another country you are beeing blocked from a lot of content such as streaming content from TV channels and other ressources. Many websites and services restrict access to users with domestic IPs. VPN.cc enables you to chose different IP addresses from more than 50 countries and appear as if you are from the chosen region. You decide what you see and what not. Don't let them decide for you!

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Secure Use of Wifi Hotspots

Millions of Hotspots around the world invite you to use the internet for free with all your devices. But most people don't know that the operators of those hotspots are able to intercept and read your communication. We encrypt your communication and redirect it through secure servers � with no additional work for you!

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Free Software For All Platforms

Our easy to use software not only runs on Windows, Mac and Linux but it also protects you reliably using your Android or iOS devices.
Feel free to download the software now and check it out without signing up. We firmly believe that you will like it a lot. We are always happy to receive your feedback to make it even better.

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All Protocols Supported

We support all relevant protocols:

We pre-select and use the best and easiest choice for you so you don''t have to worry about it. You will be able to switch to a different protocol any time you wish.

Even if you have no computer skills at all you'll be able to use our service with just a few clicks.

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No Restrictions

Unlike most other providers out there we are not throtteling or restricting your service in any way. Not even if you download a lot more than average.
You can choose from our 110+ servers in more than 50 countries at your discression.
Our plans are real flatrates. No ifs or buts!

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